"Katy has spoken to many different groups for our education district. Her teaching and life experiences have her audiences laughing, crying and motivated to use the practical strategies in their school, their classrooms, and within their own families. Katy's positive personality and energy is contagious! Katy makes a positive impact on the lives of others and I highly recommend her!"

—Colleen Johnson

“Katy's extensive knowledge in early childhood development has helped us time and time again with applying various parenting techniques at home. Without her assistance we wouldn't be as far along in our parenting journey as we are.”

—Lauren Tomesh

“Katy is warm, compassionate, hilarious, and dedicated to research. All of this is enough for parents and educators to benefit enormously from her tutelage on early childhood development, but her unique focus on community engagement means that she facilitates not only important conversations, but true child-rearing "villages." So many Winonans, both as individual parents and as communities of families through the years, have benefited from knowing Katy, and I hope that more Minnesotans can enjoy the same opportunity. Her optimism, emotional accessibility, humor, vast knowledge, and common-sense solutions make her an ideal educator and speaker on all things related to small children and families in the community.

—Lynnea Pfohl